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A contemporary front yard at the forefront

A stunning cast in place concrete wall was created to display the civic address




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The owners of this property were looking to update the front landscape to suit their contemporary taste. The gardens were overgrown and the large paved driveway did not have the modern style that the clients were looking for.


Our team designed a new paving pattern for the driveway to add interest and break up the large expanse of paving into a walkway and parking areas.A cast in place concrete wall was created to display the civic address. The wall is set at an angle to the driveway and is accentuated by a contrasting banding that runs through the driveway.



The plantings were modernized with a focus on textures. Ornamental grasses were used to soften the concrete wall, while maintaining a contemporary feel.


The scale of the walkway and landing at the base of the front steps left the front entrance feeling very open. A specimen Japanese Maple tree was planted at the end of the walkway, creating a focal point for visitors. As the planting at the entrance mature, they will create additional privacy from the street.


Landscape lighting was added to highlight the landscape features, ensuring that the property looks great well into the evening hours.






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