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Tree Services a.k.a. Arboriculture /ˈɑːrbərɪkʌltʃər/ is the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants.

Professional Certified Arborists


As many homeowners learn the hard way, trees don’t take care of themselves. In fact, a tree is much like lawn or garden; it needs proper maintenance in order to bloom as it’s meant to. Trees play a considerable role in determining the value of your home, which makes proper tree care all the more important. Of course, trees are also very tall and incredibly heavy, which means that their full maintenance or removal should be handled by professionals with the tools and experience to perform the job. Wood you trust us with your tree services? We wood.

Tree Services

Trees & Hedges

  • Cabling / Bracing

    Cabling and Bracing are techniques that are used to stabilize trees that have suffered damage or exhibit structural traits that will likely lead to failure. Our experts are able to use these techniques to extend the lifespan and reduce the property risk posed by trees that have suffered damage and are vulnerable to strong wind and snow loads. When a tree is of particular aesthetic value, cabling and bracing are some of the ways we can ensure that the tree will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

  • Stump Grinding

    After a tree has been removed, it may be necessary to remove the stump. In a case where the tree is in a lawn or garden bed, leaving the stump in place is not ideal. Sometimes, a tree must be re-planted in the same location as the previous tree, making the removal of the stump necessary so that the replacement tree can be planted. Our crews use a stump grinder equipped with carbide teeth, so even the largest stumps can be removed, allowing the landscape to be restored and prevent suckering of new shoots.

Care and Maintain

  • Pruning

    Pruning is often an essential element to the health of a tree. It allows for more foliage, more light penetration into the canopy to go through and better production of fruits and flowers. Pruning helps your tree resist the changing weather by allowing it to save its resources exclusively for its most important functions. It also acts as a key safety measure by preventing your tree from growing too close to power lines.


    Every tree, even a healthy one, naturally produces deadwood. This can occur for a number of reasons, such as underexposed areas, branches rubbing against each other or even damaged root systems. Deadwood can quickly become a hazard since large affected branches can fall from a great height. Proper tree maintenance will ensure that your tree, home, lawn and family are safe from falling deadwood.


    Tree trimming, in contrast with pruning, mainly consists of aesthetic trimming. Whether you’d like your tree to have a perfect, spherical foliage shape or even more intricate forms, DLC’s professional team can modify your tree to your preferences. Not recommended, not a professional service.


    If you’re looking to make your neighbors jealous, put in an order for a hedge trimming. DLC’s hedge trimming services can transform your yard from bland to beautiful. Whether you’re looking for uniquely-shaped hedges, or simply intend to keep them clean and consistent, our team of arborists are ready to trim.

Treat & Protect


    It’s important to respond to the appearance of pests on your trees as soon as you notice it. Left unchecked, insects and tree-targeting diseases can quickly turn your tree into a serious liability. DLC’s certified arborists can evaluate the health of your tree and follow up accordingly if an infestation is identified.


    Pest prevention is an important part of proper tree maintenance. There are many ways to assure that your trees stay healthy by adopting regular, preventative treatments. DLC’s experts know the needs of your specific trees based on their, age, location and surrounding fauna.


    Urban trees don’t get as many nutrients as they would in a forest. That’s why it’s important to feed your trees properly, granting them the nutrients they need to stay strong. A healthy tree has better foliage, deeper colors and grows faster. DLC’s professional team can feed your trees down to their deepest roots, making sure that they receive all the nutrients they need.


    The emerald ash borer is a non-native, invasive insect first discovered in Michigan, 2002. It is native to eastern Russia, northern China, Japan and Korea. The greater Montreal region has been victimized by this pest, and much of the potential damage is already done. If you own an ash tree, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect or cure it. DLC’s arborists can help you with that at an affordable cost.

Forest & Arboristry


    We can inventory, assess and manage all tree services for your land. Our reports can include tree risk assessment, risk management actions, valuation and relocation assessment. DLC’s Arboteam reports present an unbiased, expert opinion on the evaluated territory.


    DLC Arboteam’s certified arborists can help you with all your tree preservation needs. We offer services for numerous applications, whether you are looking for a single tree preservation plan or for hundreds of trees. Our landscape architect Arborist can work with you and your architect to build a sound preservation plan that will align with your project.


    Arboteam is equipped to help clear the way in an efficient, cost-effective manner. No matter how tough the terrain may be, we’ll do all it takes to clear your land and allow your future projects to come to life.

Emergency Work

Mother Nature is full of surprises. Sometimes, when we are met with breathtaking sky views and pleasant weather, these surprises are welcome. Other times, they’re anything but. Some of us will remember the freezing rain storm of ‘98. After a storm of such magnitude, fallen trees litter the city. DLC has a response team ready to act in those exact scenarios. Without delay, our emergency arborists will be there to put everything back in order.

After Disaster Cleaning

Power Line Issues

Fallen Trees

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