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DLC Seasonal Solutions

land·scap·ing /lan(d)ˌskāpiNG/ the process of making a yard or other piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs.



With some sunshine and a little rain, a plant can be fruitful. Just as a company can succeed with a positive attitude and a solid work ethic.

One summer, when he was 14 years old, a young Dexter Church, push lawn mower in hand, decided that he’d mow lawns to bring in something extra during his summers off. He knocked from door to door in his neighborhood, seeing if anyone needed help with their lawn work.

Many of them did, and Dexter delivered. Word of the young man spread quickly, and Dexter began receiving phone calls instead of walking from door to door. Soon enough, he needed an extra hand. Not long after, he needed an extra ten.

Now, DLC operates with 40 trucks and tractors, a dedicated administrative team of 8 and employs over 80 experienced landscapers and horticulturists.

Dexter isn’t knocking on doors like he used to. Instead, he now works on instilling the passion for his craft in the hearts of the DLC team while providing landscape maintenance, landscape construction, and snow removal to the city at large.

The scale of our operation has changed, but our goal remains the same: to provide a service that exceeds our customer’s expectation day in and day out and to offer open communication every step of the way.

With a positive attitude and a solid work ethic, no feat is too great.



Why Choose Us

  • Commitment

    We’re committed to beautifying your lawn, and we do that through our straightforward, transparent, worry-free service.

  • Professionalism

    Allow us to redefine what professionalism in landscaping really looks like. When DLC visits you, you’ll be met with uniformed staff members; they’ll arrive right on time, and they’ll show the utmost respect for you and your property.

  • Availability

    If anything comes to mind, feel free to speak with a crew leader on site or communicate with our office. Our agents are at the ready to answer your questions and concerns.

  • Quality

    We pride ourselves in making a distinguished finished product out of every commercial and residential exterior, no matter what the project looks like at the onset. For endeavors small and large, our team applies the same meticulous, impassioned craftsmanship.

We are also proud members of the APPQ

(Association des Paysagistes Professionnels du Québec)

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